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THURSDAY 3/12 7:30 pm -9:00 pm

Nail the reaction shot..book the job!

The REACTION AUDITION is one of the most difficult auditions for the majority of actors - whether commercial or theatrical. However, when you have the tools to control your facial expressions, your odds of booking increase dramatically!


Well over 75% of all our communication on and off camera is nonverbal. The reaction audition is typically 100% nonverbal.  So if you're nonverbal communications skills are limited or unreliable, your callback and booking ratio will suffer.


Your face speaks an emotional, cognitive and emblematic language. Having the tools and the skill to authentically and clearly speak this nonverbal facial language not only defines you as an on-camera actor, but is an essential key to NAILING THE REACTION SHOT.


Join internationally recognized emotion and facial expression specialist John Sudol in a free seminar and learn the secrets and science to Nailing the Reaction and Booking the Job!

Learn the secret to...

... turning thoughts, feelings and emotions into real, recognizable and appropriate facial expressions. 

Level the playing field...

... by learning the 6 things every on-camera actor must do to Nail The Reaction.

Learn the hard truth...

... why your old tools and information may be keeping you from booking.

"My husband and I loved John's class. He is a master with facial expressions. After taking John's class I booked 3 commercials within 2 months and I know I will continue to book with the tools John has given me. Thanks John!"


"Sitting across the table from an actor friend of mine, singing John's praises, it suddenly occurred to me I was very selfish. For all the good he's done me as an actor I should not be keeping it a secret. The Language of the Face revolutionized the way I practice acting. I was blessed with bookings almost immediately. I highly recommend John's approach. He doesn't mess around. It's honest and useful. We all need that in a notoriously subjective business."


"Just finished my first class series with John and I definitely plan on returning! Class sizes are small and the information beyond vital. A must have for any actor."


"Language of the Face: One of the most important classes I have ever taken, with immediate and practical application towards all my auditions. Many of my actor friends are skeptical, thinking in this class we are just making faces...no, we are tying the stimulus to the emotional response to the correct and appropriate facial muscles for the situation. Another of my acting coaches says have the thought in your head and it will show on your face....but this is not always true, sometimes you need a little more that that to get the part."


Here's a simple truth about booking a Reaction Spot:

If they don't recognize what's on your face -

How can they hire you?

If you can't control what your face is expressing -
How are you going to adjust it?

If you don't know how you created it -
How are you going to repeat it?

About John

John has dedicated his career to studying and understanding the science of emotions and how it applies to artistic expression. A 25-year professional of the performing arts- actor, award-winning director and playwright, screenwriter, story editor and educator. He is the founder of the Emotion Training Center (ETC) and the creator of the Language of the Face (LOF). As an expert in emotions and emotional expression, John is committed to helping actors and business professionals around the world understand and control how their faces reveal thought, feeling and emotion making them superior communicators.

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"John is on to something here! What you will discover in this book will have a profound effect on your acting career. It's not a tip or a trick. It's a skill that once developed will help actors and non actors find more success in life."

                                 ~Stuart Stone~                                     Stuart Stone Casting


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