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Compliment your order by adding the Acting Face to Face Ebook Collection to your library and save over 50%.

Download both Acting: Face to Face and Acting: Face to Face 2.

About the collection. The first Acting: Face to Face outlines the challenges that every actor who wishes to work on-camera faces. It was the first book to define the significant difference between acting on stage and acting on-camera. Whereas the first Acting: Face to Face identifies the challenges and misguided beliefs about on-camera acting, Acting Face to Face 2 walks you through the steps needed to overcome those challenges, Get your copies now and prepare to go on the journey of a lifetime

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Semi-Private Emotional Alignment Classes & Membership

If you prefer to work in a more private setting, then my Premium Semi-Private Training is what you'll need.

After the first session, you'll get access to the Emotional Alignment Course. 

Once you register, an email will be sent welcoming you and supplying a link so you can make an appointment for you and  to chat about a class schedule. You will then be paired with someone whose schedule works with yours. 

The Semi-Private Package includes: 

  • 6-90 minute semi-private sessions 
  • Dues free membership for 4 months ($19 thereafter.
  • Module 1: Emotion Screen Test  (EST)
  • Module 2: Building Inner and Outer Truth
  • Module 3: Emotion Building
  • Personal Face Reading
  • Personal Screen Test Evaluation
  • Additional Members Only Videos, Worksheet Downloads, Action Steps
  • Monthly Office Hours
  • 24/7 Access to Training  
  • Members Only Discounted Classes

Access to 3 additional Online Classes: Headshot Prep, Eye Talk, The Freeze.

What People Are Saying:

John Sudol's work is rapidly becoming a constant tool in my actor toolbar. I am rethinking how I use emotional triggers in my work. What John is teaching allows me to use all my stage training, while giving casting directors, screenwriters and directors what they want to see on the small screen. The intimacy of my work for the small and silver screens is growing and my confidence is growing with it. Check him out!

~Deborah Unger~ (Kevin Can Wait, Gotham, Orange is the new black)

John Sudol's coaching is paramount for any actor who is studying to be in front of the camera. With John's workshops and book, I feel even more informed and creative, knowing I can use not only dialogue and physical movements, but facial muscles to better convey a thought and emotion.

 ~ Gunner Wright ~ (J. EDGAR, GI JOE, LOVE, THE LOSERS, Cadillac, Goodyear, Pennzoil, etc)

As a director and teacher It's easy for me to recognize good acting. As an actor there's a different story. When working in film and television in particular, I sometimes felt very confused. I completely understood the scene and thought I was doing what the director had asked of me. But I would just get the same note again and again. After working with John I realized that my fear of overacting had led to me not using my face at all in my work. This course was so valuable to me that I will highly recommend John to my clients.

~Roz Williams~ (Blue Bloods, White Collar, Elementary, Nurse Jackie)