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February 22, 9 am Pacific/12 pm Eastern
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Eye Talk Intensive

Want to learn the subtlety of facial communication? For a limited time, I will teach you the ways your eyes (lids & brows) secretly speak to the camera. Join me in this one of a kind class where the science of emotions meets artistic expression.



Do you fear the close-up?

Imagine the camera is locked in on your face and the director or casting director asks you to reveal slight sadness or the beginning of fear or incredibly controlled anger or a hint of excitement or boredom. Oh, and they only want to see it in your eyes. Could you do that? Or does even the thought of a close-up make you freeze?


Most actors know how their body and voice communicate but know very little about their own faces. And since the close-up is all about the face, this is a problem.


To keep facial movement to a minimum and execute any one of those directions listed above would require you having access and control over the muscles around the eye, more specifically, your eyelids. Done correctly, with just the smallest amount of tension, the lifting or relaxing of your eyelids can speak volumes to the viewer.


Your eyes may be the windows to your soul, but it's your eyelids and eyebrows that are the workhorses of nonverbal communication. Learning how to isolate and activate specific areas of your face is the secret to feeling confident and and in control of your close-up. 

Facial Cues

Your eyelids and eyebrows speak a silent language all of their own. When you learn the meaning of specific movements, how universal they are and why we respond to them the way we do, it can't help but up your on-camera game.

Inner Intensity

Every facial expression is the result of thought or feeling. Learning how to apply the appropriate thought is critical to revealing your facial message with the correct timing and intensity.

Outer Expression

You emotional messages are read by the viewer via the activation of specific muscles on the face. When you learn what muscles and how to activate them. you gain control of the messages you send and the camera picks it up.

Next "LIVE" ONLINE EYE TALK INTENSIVE SATURDAY, February 22nd  9am-11 am PT/12-2pm ET

2 Hour Intensive

COST: $49.00

(Space is limited)


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Here's What You'll Learn

This unique 2 hour intensive is a very detailed introduction into the world of emotional and non-emotional facial communication.

 This isn't a class about finding your eye line or "what not to do" in a close-up, rather it's about "what you can do".

You are going to learn and experience first hand how to authentically use your eyes, eyelids and eyebrows to create and express thoughts, feelings and emotions. In this one class you're going to walk away knowing: 

  • How to read and interpret subtle facial expressions on your face and others.
  • How to control your facial movements and send only the message you intend.
  • About the subtle eye movement that reveals concern, excitement, focus, doubt or questioning and more...
  • How to adjust the intensity of each expression ON DEMAND!
  • How to ensure that your facial reaction is authentic and believable.

This is a working on-camera class, so be prepared to get in front of the camera and drill. 

It's not enough to be emotionally free. You must also be emotionally precise!

About John

John has dedicated his career to studying and understanding the science of emotions and how it applies to artistic expression. A 25-year professional of the performing arts- actor, award-winning director and playwright, screenwriter, story editor and educator. He is the author of two #1 best-selling books-Acting: Face To Face- the Actor's Guide to Understanding How Your Face Communicates Emotion for TV and Film and Acting: Face to Face 2- How to Create Genuine Emotion for TV and Film. He is the founder of the Emotion Training Center (ETC) and the creator of the Language of the Face (LOF). As an expert in emotions and emotional expression, John is committed to helping actors and business professionals around the world understand and control how their faces reveal thought, feeling and emotion making them superior communicators.


"“As a director and teacher It's easy for me to recognize good acting. As an actor there's a different story. When working in film and television in particular, I sometimes felt very confused. I completely understood the scene and thought I was doing what the director had asked of me. But I would just get the same note again and again. After working with John I realized that my fear of overacting had led to me not using my face at all in my work. This course was so valuable to me that I will highly recommend John to my clients”. "

~Roz Williams~
Blue Bloods, White Collar, Elementary, Nurse Jackie...

"John Sudol's coaching is paramount for any actor who is studying to be in front of the camera. With John's workshops and book, I feel even more informed and creative, knowing I can use not only dialogue and physical movements, but facial muscles to better convey a thought and emotion."

Gunner Wright
J. EDGAR, GI JOE, LOVE, THE LOSERS, Cadillac, Goodyear, Pennzoil, etc

"John Sudol's work is rapidly becoming a constant tool in my actor toolbar. I am rethinking how I use emotional triggers in my work. What John is teaching allows me to use all my stage training, while giving casting directors, screenwriters and directors what they want to see on the small screen. The intimacy of my work for the small and silver screens is growing and my confidence is growing with it. Check him out "

Deborah Unger
Kevin Can Wait, Gotham, Orange is the new black

"John Sudol has systematically change for the irreversible better the performances I get from actors in my productions. I wish actors would believe me when I tell them his courses are the most important courses they could take for commercials, surprise and close ups."

Mark Edward Lewis
Director, Composer

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