The Emotional Alignment Course comes with all 3 modules.

The Emotion Screen Test™ course is the first Module in the Emotional Alignment Course. This course supplies the tools and process so you can evaluate how accurately your inner feelings are matching up to your outward facial expressions in both clarity and intensity. 
Over 2.5 hours of video lessons, action steps plus downloadable worksheets.  It also includes How to take the Emotion Screen Test (Creating and Capturing), the Evaluation and the Assessment, as well as the Face, Evaluating and Reading Lessons. The goal of this Module is to bring to light what tools or information you need to acquire to ensure your emotional messages are read the way you intend.    

This course is the second module in the Emotional Alignment Course. It's is all about building  Inner and Outer Truth. Together we'll take a deep dive into emotions. I will take you step by step and show you how to create, connect to and evoke a genuine emotional response.

6 hours of video lessons, work along exercises, and downloadable worksheets. The goal of this Module is to give you a working understanding of each emotion. Learn what makes you emotional, what emotions feel like, compel you to do and what each emotion looks and feels like on your face.

Emotion Building is the third module in the Ultimate Emotion Alignment Course. With the focus on Emotional Alignment,  I’m going to guide you through creating, connecting to and expressing each of the 7 Universal Emotions.

6 hours of video lessons, work along exercises, and downloadable worksheets. The goal of this module is to have you experience each of the 7 universal emotions from the onset to the full expression and finally, to the recovery.

The Time Is Now...

... are you ready to take the mystery out of creating an authentic emotional life? That's what the  Emotional Alignment Course  and the Emotion Training Membership is all about. 


The Power of Online and Membership

Although my live classes have changed the lives and careers of so many actors, I was always limited in the amount of people I could reach. To work with me, you had to be where I was.  So, I decided to develop an online course that has consolidated all of the material from my books and live classes and put it into one comprehensive course. I really wanted to have a wider scope and greater worldwide impact. So, the Emotion Training Online Membership Course was born.
This is the most cutting edge and relevant emotion training out there. This is years of research and teaching rolled into the juiciest nugget of knowledge. And I want you to have this knowledge. This course will teach you to finally master and control your facial expressions. And what on-camera actor doesn’t need that!
Since everyone has different needs, I decided to make three different plans available. Which one fits you the best? 


All plans come with the Emotional Alignment Course


The plan is great for those who like to do it all themselves. The lessons drip out over a 4 month period, however, you can move at the course speed or slow it all down. I will always be available during dedicated office hours or via email in case you get stuck or have any questions. 

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 For those who might want more hands on guidance and structure, this is the plan for you. To put it simply- The Group Plan comes with me. I will meet the group for a 60 minute online class once a week for 16 weeks. (And all sessions will be recorded and made available to you within 24 hours, so even if for some reason you can’t join live, you will never miss a class.) Besides the live dedicated office hours, each student gets a one-on-one 20 minute session with me every month for any extra assistance. The Group Plan also comes with one free pop-up specialty class where we do a deeper dive on a particular subject.  

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 My Semi-Private Training plan includes: 6-90 minute semi-private sessions (you and one other student) plus 2-30 minute private sessions and 4 months of Emotional Alignment Online Course as well a monthly free pop up speciality class. 

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Complete Package

The Emotion Training Course is the most extensive, in-depth course of its kind. With 120 instructive videos ( and if you go with the Group Plan- weekly live classes with John), the wealth of information is enormous. So, no matter where you live, your job constraints, or if you travel a lot, all you need is your computer or phone and a WiFi connection to keep going on your training. No excuses. It’s that simple!


We all take in information differently. What's so great about being an ETC Member is that you have the freedom to choose how fast or slow you want to take in this information. 

If you follow my program the way I've laid it out for you, the course will be dripped out over a 4 month period.  I spaced the lessons out so you don't get overwhelmed and you have time to practice.

Trust me, you'll thank me in the end. 

24/7 Access to Training

Train on your schedule. The 2  biggest obstacles that keep most people from actualizing their dreams are time and money. 

Membership gives you the best of both worlds. You get 24/7 access to your Industry Recognized Training without putting out a lot of cash up front.

Stay as long as you like or cancel any time. As long as you stay a member, your monthly dues will never go up. 

Membership Benefits

Monthly Office Hours Have a question or need support? There will be dedicated times posted when you can ask everything and anything.

Discounted Classes -Sometimes classes are offered to members and nonmembers alike. These classes are often longer, not part of the training course and cost more. However, membership can get you a  20 - 60% discount off the regular price. 

Private Facebook Group A Community of Like Minds. You’ll have access to other actors across the globe and be able to share experiences, tips, and even find study partners. 



Here are the 3 Pop-up Bonus classes that I’ll be giving during this next session. “Headshot Prep,” “Eye Talk” and “The Freeze.” Again - These are all 60 minute live classes free to anyone who has a Group or Semi-Private Membership. DIY members pay only $19.


Are you getting ready to take new headshots? This class is designed to help you get the most out of your next headshot session. The class will focus on what is your TYPE AND QUALITY, which translates into who you are, where you fit, and the role your static or default face plays in it all.  


I know there are a lot of classes out there claim to be the answer to your on-camera acting challenges. Not to take anything away from them, but if they aren't giving you the tools and the information you need to control your facial communication and how to make that communication very specific, then all you're really getting is stage acting for the camera.  In this class, I'm going to show you exactly how your eyes speak to the camera emotionally and scientifically. That means you'll not only know what you are activating on your face but why. 


The Freeze Response is probably the best substitute for the full surprise reaction. One reason for this is, it’s the smallest reaction you can come up with that still implies the unexpected. For another, the freeze is about removing what’s on your face as opposed to adding to it. Once you master the Freeze response, I guarantee it will become your secret weapon. This class will cover what the Freeze response is and how to apply it theatrically and commercially.





Totally do-it yourself. All 120 lessons are dripped out over a 4 month period. 

Module 1: Emotion Screen Test  (EST)

Module 2: Building Inner and Outer Truth

Module 3: Emotion Building

Additional Members Only Videos, Worksheet Downloads, Action Steps

Live Monthly Office Hours

24/7 Access to Training

Email support

"Members Only" Discounted Classes





16 - 60 minute sessions. (Meets once a week with John.) 

Module 1: Emotion Screen Test  (EST)

Module 2: Building Inner and Outer Truth

Module 3: Emotion Building

Additional Members Only Videos, Worksheet Downloads, Action Steps

Live Monthly office hours

24/7 Access to Training

"Members Only" Discounted Classes

Bonus Free POP-UP Speciality Class 




0 dues for 4 months ($19 thereafter)

6-90 minute semi-private sessions 

2-30 minute private sessions

Module 1: Emotion Screen Test  (EST)

Module 2: Building Inner and Outer Truth

Module 3: Emotion Building

Additional Members Only Videos, Worksheet Downloads, Action Steps

Personal Face Read

Personal Screen Test

Live Monthly Office Hours

24/7 Access to Training

"Members Only" Discounted Classes

Bonus Free POP-UP Speciality Classes 


"As a director and teacher It's easy for me to recognize good acting. As an actor there's a different story. When working in film and television in particular, I sometimes felt very confused. I completely understood the scene and thought I was doing what the director had asked of me. But I would just get the same note again and again. After working with John I realized that my fear of overacting had led to me not using my face at all in my work. This course was so valuable to me that I will highly recommend John to my clients. "

~Roz Williams~
(Blue Bloods, White Collar, Elementary, Nurse Jackie)

"John Sudol's coaching is paramount for any actor who is studying to be in front of the camera. With John's workshops and book, I feel even more informed and creative, knowing I can use not only dialogue and physical movements, but facial muscles to better convey a thought and emotion."

 ~ Gunner Wright ~
(J. EDGAR, GI JOE, LOVE, THE LOSERS, Cadillac, Goodyear, Pennzoil, etc)

"John Sudol's work is rapidly becoming a constant tool in my actor toolbar. I am rethinking how I use emotional triggers in my work. What John is teaching allows me to use all my stage training, while giving casting directors, screenwriters and directors what they want to see on the small screen. The intimacy of my work for the small and silver screens is growing and my confidence is growing with it. Check him out! "

~Deborah Unger~
(Kevin Can Wait, Gotham, Orange is the new black)

" In John's class I've learned that booking commercials is not just a numbers game and that you can actually increase those bookings by using his technique. Anyone whose serious about booking commercials should definitely take this class. "

- Erick Chavarria ~
(Get Hard, Office Christmas Party, Carl's Junior, K-mart, Smirnoff, HH Gregg)

"John Sudol's Language of the Face Class helped me to identify with total clarity the areas where I wasn't communicating my intentions clearly and make my reactions and ultimately my acting more specific and authentic. Within 2 months I booked 3 national commercials, a supporting role in a major motion picture and tested for a pilot! His class is invaluable! Do your career a favor and take this class...your work won't go unnoticed!! "

- Susan Santiago ~
(How to get away with Murder, Scandal, Subway, CarMax, Criminal Minds, NCIS etc.)

If you're tired of guessing, wishing or hoping...