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Emotions and Emotional Facial Expressions

Understanding emotions is the key to authentic facial expressions. And authentic facial expressions, subtle or extreme are the signature markers of an on-camera actor. Get instant access to my 10 must-know facts about emotional expression for the camera. Step up your on-camera acting game and book that job! ETC Members sign in to view. Not a member ? No problem. Click the box below to join. 

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Why Should on-camera actors should study emotions and emotional facial expressions?

Expands your interpreting skills

Understanding the nature and experience of emotions gives you insights to not only what the character is feeling but why they are feeling what they do. 

Become more emotionally precise.

When you know what the character is feeling your reaction choices are more apt to be appropriate for the character and the situation. 

Gain confidence in in the emotional messages you send

When you know what emotions look and feel like on your face, how will you know you are communicating them truthfully


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